RobloxBot Change Log

Here are some features that have been changed in the new version:

  • Fixed the laggy in the chat window when the game is launched.
  • Fixed the bubble chat is on topbar button and it won’t have lagged anymore like facebook.
  • Fixed the correct location for first person view on Windows 10
  • Added assets for using the VR
  • Fixed the bug makes the Animation Editor keeping playback like a loop
  • Now there s no longer have to close the game by the homebutton and force to close the game. Just pressing the back button for leaving the game on mobile devices.
  • Fixed coloring tranfusing with different keywords. This will help many gamers who want to enjoy the game with HD view or you can create the game.
  • On Xbox, your gamepad is always connected and don’t have to drop the connection anymore.
  • Added more color theme for creating the game and that is a good one for your creativity.
  • Now you can enable custom mesh inputting the game.

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